How to clean your Washing Machine?

07th Jul 2016

Do you know how to clean your washing machine? You should, as it may improve the quality of your washes dramatically and even extend the life of your machine.

Here’s how to give your wee kitchen pal the once over:


1.)    Clean the Filter

What is it? Most washing machines will have a filter to catch any fluff, coins, hair grips or whatever else is lurking in the forgotten depths of your pockets. It can normally be found on the front of the washing machine behind a small hatch.

Why clean it? By keeping your filter free from blockages you can prevent a build-up of water, which is often to blame for leaks and water damage to both your machine and kitchen floor.

How to do it: Simply unscrew the filter cap and pull out anything that’s clogging, soaking the filter in hot water if you find the blockage difficult to budge.


2.)    Clean the drawer

What is it? It’s the drawer in the front of your washing machine for detergent and fabric softener.

Why clean it? The detergent drawer sees all sorts of cleaning solutions and softeners poured into it – deposits of old detergents mixing together and clinging to the drawer can give you some pretty unreliable laundry results, as well as potentially blocking your machine entirely. So it’s as important to know how to clean out washing machine products as much as it is to know how to clean the washing machine itself.

How to do it: Sometimes the simplest tools are the most effective and in this case, an old toothbrush can be incredibly useful. Remove the whole drawer and give it a good scrub with washing up liquid and hot water. If you have a dishwasher, placing the detergent drawer inside and running a hot wash is another easy way to give the drawer a good clean inside and out. If there’s mould growing, use a specific mould and mildew product first, which can be applied to the problem area and wiped off easily. Repeat regularly and wave goodbye to any mould, soap scum, limescale, or nasty germs.


3.)    Clean the drum

What is it? The main compartment you place your laundry in to wash.

Why clean it? Smell something funny? It’s important that you understand how to clean the washing machine drum as its warmth and humidity can often encourage the development of limescale, and it can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria.

How to do it: By running an empty wash every couple of months you can easily remove odours and kill germs. Simply set the empty cycle on the hottest setting and press ‘Start’. To shift limescale and soap scum, pour 500ml of white vinegar into the empty drum and run a second wash at high heat.


Voila! You should now have a sparkling washing machine, which (if cleaned regularly) will keep you and your family in fresh clothes for a little longer

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